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Both Men and Women Elect To Have Areola Reduction Surgery.
The areola is the tan to brown colored area that surrounds the nipple. Sometimes the areola is disproportionally large compared to the size of the breasts. Changes in the size of the areola can be due to weight gain or loss, aging, or from pregnancy and nursing. Although women tend to have this problem most often, some men think that their areola is too wide, looks out of proportion, or isn't manly looking. It can lead to lack of self-confidence and feelings of embarrassment. No matter the reason or who elects to have areola reduction, the surgery at Midas Touch is a simple procedure that can help improve the look of the areola and one's self esteem.


Areola reduction surgery at Midas Touch usually takes one to two hours to complete. It is performed in our clinic using local anesthesia, although some cases require general anesthesia.

There are two techniques your surgeon may choose to use depending on the size of your areola. In the first, the size of the areola is reduced using very small incisions in two concentric circles. A doughnut shape of tissue and skin is removed and sutured around the areola to tighten it. A fine scar may form where the areola meets the skin.

If the areola is very large, your surgeon will make an incision that resembles a lollipop that goes around the areola and in a vertical line down from the nipple. This may cause additional scarring. Your surgeon may elect to use either permanent sutures or dissolving sutures to minimize any potential scars.

You will be able to return to your normal activities within 24 to 48 hours. Long-term healing will take quite a bit longer.
Areola reduction almost never affects the sensation of your nipples or a woman's ability to breastfeed. Despite the potential for some scarring, most of our patients are very pleased after their areola reduction because they finally have a solution to their embarrassing problem. It improves their body image and self-esteem.