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Your Calves Speak For Themselves. Ensure They Say What You Want Them To.
Men and women alike notice your calves. Why? They represent your overall health, vitality and even your sexuality.
When your calves are thin and weak looking, they project an image that you are unwell and un-appealing. When they are muscular and prominent, they relay that you are strong, vibrant and virile.
Although this may not be true, unlike other parts of your body, your calves relay a subliminal message to others. You are strong or you are weak. Your calves speak for themselves. For this reason, calf implant surgery is very popular at Midas Touch.
We use safe and effective implant surgery to simulate the natural muscles in the leg and give you the strong, healthy looking calves you desire.


•Midas Touch will ensure you undergo a thorough evaluation and medical history.
•An incision is made in the creases behind the knee. The skin is gently pulled away to expose the muscle. Two implants are generally used for each calf in order to mimic the natural contour of the leg.
•Your surgery will take only a few hours. You will be given a general anesthetic or an epidural block if you don't want to be asleep during your surgery.
•Incisions aren't noticeable. Any scars will fade over 4-6 months.


•You will immediately notice an increase and improvement in the shape of your calves after your surgery.
•Any swelling should subside over three weeks.
•You will see the final results after 3 to 4 months.