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Chin implants are one of the fastest growing cosmetic surgery procedures today. Why? Because the shape of your chin has a great influence on the overall appearance of your face. When your chin is too small it can make your nose and the rest of your face look too large.

A weak chin can also make sagging facial skin look worse than it really is. A well-defined chin brings balance to your face. A chin implant from Midas Touch will bring your facial features into greater harmony, providing a more pleasing, youthful appearance.

Why Consider a Chin Implant?
If you:
Have a receding chin.
Want to enhance the definition of your chin.
Wish to restore contour and proportion to your lower face.
Would like to correct the balance of your face.

The Implant
Midas Touch uses only top-of-the-line medical grade silicone implants. These are the best choice because they feel like your own chin. Your surgeon will help you choose the size of implant that will work best for you. The great news is that a chin implant lasts a lifetime. You won't need recurring surgeries.

The Surgery
During surgery the implant is easily inserted through an incision beneath the chin or inside the mouth behind the lower lip. Once the incision is closed your chin may be taped, and the tape left in place for a few days to decrease swelling.

You will experience some tenderness and a stretched, tight sensation after the surgery.

You may also experience postoperative bruising and swelling for a day or two and some mild discomfort. Cold compresses will reduce swelling, bruising and pain. Your Midas Touch physician will prescribe a pain medication if you need one. Any discomfort should subside within a week.

You will be amazed with the difference a Midas Touch chin implant makes. And remember, it is permanent and will last forever!