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Do You Feel Inadequate? Do You Want To Look More Attractive?
If you are like most women you feel inadequate when you look at the beautiful women in the magazines, movies and on television. Why can't your breasts look like theirs do? Your buttocks too? Instead, yours seem inadequate compared to theirs. Here is a little secret you should know. Many of them rely on lipofilling to boost their breasts and buttocks! The good news is that you can too with the help of Midas Touch.

Lipofilling is a surgical procedure that involves filling and sculpting a person's own body fat to smooth out irregularities and wrinkles. This is an alternative to using implants or a chemical filler to replace volume. It is permanent, unlike chemical fillers, and because you are using your own body fat, there are no allergy risks.


Lipofilling uses your own fat as a permanent filler to add volume to areas in your body. It can add much needed volume to your breasts and buttocks, can reduce scarring, and improve the elasticity of your skin.

Lipofilling is totally safe and very effective.
Your surgeon will identify the appropriate site for fat harvesting. This might include your thighs, abdomen, love handles, back, or upper inner arm. Lipofilling of the breasts and buttocks is performed under general anesthesia, so you will be asleep for the procedure.
The fat is extracted and placed into a centrifuge to separate out impurities and toxins. The purified tissue is then re-injected into your breasts and/or buttocks to produce the desired effect. Depending upon how much you are having done, the entire procedure takes between one to three hours.


Breast and/or buttock augmentation with lipofilling may require an overnight stay in the hospital. Most people experience areas of numbness afterwards due to swelling and mild trauma to the sensory nerves. You may need to take pain medicine for a few days to relieve any discomfort. You will also develop bruising in the areas where the fat has been harvested and injected.

You will need to wear special compression garments after your surgery for 4 to 6 weeks to reduce swelling and bruising and to ensure the fat settles properly. You can remove them to wash or shower.

You should refrain from driving or doing any any housework or heavy lifting for at least 7 days, and sports activities for at least four weeks. In addition you should not smoke before or after your lipofilling, as smoking impedes healing.

The results of lipofilling are long lasting. However anywhere between 20%-60% of the fat can be resorbed. So a second, follow-up treatment may be necessary to achieve the full, desired results.

Once the process is complete the results will be beautiful, and you will feel beautiful. You won't feel inadequate any longer.